The wait is finally over!!

We have our first wedding report!!!!!

Nicola and Scott’s wedding is the first to be featured! Use the link on the right hand side to access their heartwarming wedding report!



Hello Brides!!!

Welcome to the new place to post your wedding reports!

Since the ‘revamp’ of the You and Your Wedding forum, its become increasingly difficult to post large extracts of text onto threads, making it practically impossible to post your wedding report. 

So I’ve created this blog, where all your text and photos can be kept in one place for everyone to see. 

Any Bride who wishes to have a ‘report page’ can (I’m sure there is some kind of limit, but we’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it).

For the moment, I (Lauren) will moderate the blog, just because it is easiest that way.

If you would like your wedding report uploaded onto the site, then please send me the COMPLETED version, including all photos and links you’d like included. I can go back and re-edit if necessary, but I’ll probably be uploading the next as soon as I’ve posted one.

Can I ask that the version you send me is in a Microsoft Word format, and any photos you wish to include are provided by a URL link. The easiest way to do this is by uploading them to and copying the direct link. This won’t be a permanent thing, but its the easiest way for me to do it at the moment.

You can comment on the reports, and please do! I know Brides love to hear your responses to their big day, and they may be able to help you out in some way by recommending suppliers etc.

All wedding reports can be emailed to:

Lauren xx